Math Sherman


New York based photographer—both commercial and fine art—focusing primarily on the life of architecture and the architecture of life. 



About Matthew Sherman

No Charge Eye.JPG

I am a multi-media artist based in Brooklyn, New York.

I graduated from hamilton college, where I studied history, art, and economics. I focused primarily on the philosophy of history, a subject that evolved into a lens through which to examine the social implications of 20th century imagery and art in america. This concentration afforded me a deep understanding of the intersection of history and art, and led to a diverse creative career in graphic design, photography, and video. 

As a creative professional with 7+ years of work experience, I take pride in my proven proficiency in ideating, creating, and delivering imagery that provides consumers with an ideal vision of reality in which they can—and want—to imagine themselves. In an artistic capacity I take an alternative approach to 2D design, working to find clarity and balance by confronting the false nature of the aforementioned reality. I dismantle both digital and print images, as well as videos that fit the mold, and collage them into figures and environments representative of a more imperfect—yet accessible—reality. By animating their deformation and reformation and creating unique movements, actions, and reactions, I offer myself and the viewer a window into a more beautiful, actual existence in which we are already accepted, not in spite of, but because of our imperfections.